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90 Day 1:1 Experience

'In my industry it takes a lot of focus to stay on your game and I was wasting time and energy fighting something that wasn't real. My fear of not being good enough and constant overthinking about people's opinions, was draining and counterproductive.  I've gotten so much more than my work performance sorted, the flow on effect with my health and relationships has been lovely'

~ Ellen, Real Estate Agent, Manchester UK ~

The Breakdown

What 'is'?

It’s completely understandable that some of our deeper secrets, fears or traumas are overshadowed with shame - so we’re unlikely to feel comfortable sharing those with just anyone.

We’ll also downplay or ignore something because we deem it insignificant, or we believe we’ve already dealt with it one way or another.

Both point to possibly not having disclosed completely to past coaches and mentors, which is why it’s vital to find the right confidante when stepping back into this space. 

You may or may not know exactly what it is, but you realise nothing is going to change until you deal with it.  

You’re painfully aware of how it’s impacting your life and what that’s costing you.

And you know you need facilitated support and accountability to get you over the line.

This is about establishing our relationship; where you grant permission for me to ask questions in a way no one has before, so that you can get results you haven’t been capable of until now.

Discovering ‘What is’ helps me work out how best to support you, it also opens you up to a sense of relief and safety. 

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So what?

How have the 'things' impacted you up until now?

Where are they showing up in your life, your business, your relationships, health etc? 

What are you not consciously aware of?

What needs to come to the surface? 

What now?

This is the fun part, the creation component.

How would you like to feel instead of 'this', what needs focused attention and action, who do you need to become in order to have what you want?

If there’s healing that needs to happen, we establish the best way to support that.

If there’s adjustments to make with time management, nutrition, movement, mindset and fun, we incorporate that.

And if there’s elements in your life that need to go because they are toxic, or not supportive of you or your goals, you are empowered to eliminate them.

This is where you start to really feel the transformation, it’s where you’re quietly chuffed at your progress, others are also noticing ‘something’s different’, and where you’re feeling into a new sense of confidence and trust in yourself.

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What next?

We celebrate of course!

The first 90 days is about discovery, healing, implementing and adjusting.

By now you’ve made significant changes, had some quick wins, faced a few challenges and created an environment that fully supports the outcome you want.

What’s next is whatever you want it to be. 

We can close out on a great adventure, or continue with a mentoring arrangement to ensure you have support at hand moving forward.

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Just give me 'The Short Version'

Do you worry about what others think?

Are you comparing yourself to others?

Do you have an internal battle of thoughts that have been going on for goodness knows how long?

We have 9 zoom sessions for our face to face work

Daily access to me via Voxer for pep talks, updates, check-in's, motivation and 'nudges'

I provide the questions, processes, homework, companionship, encouragement and accountability

We go 'there', identify, unpack, heal

You do the work

We celebrate!

'My health and relationships completely changed, literally inside of three months.

I feel an enormous weight has been lifted, I have been surprisingly empowered by this experience, and it's instilled deep trust in me as a women, a mother and a wife'.

~ Orlantha, Midwife, Brisbane AUS ~

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