About Me

I'm a straight shooter with a wicked sense of humor and over 25 years experience in relationship management, customer service and public relations .. I am about as peopley as they come. 

What do I value?

Deep connections - our brains are wired for connection and we don't learn enough about that in school.

Playfulness - Albert Einstein said 'We don't stop having fun because we grow old, we grow old because we stop having fun'..

Facilitating growth - I love being able to help clients see beyond the limits they've believed they were stuck with, (or didn't even know they had).

What I am not

I am not medically qualified, I have no degrees, I am not a Doctor, Counselor or Psychologist.

What I am

A GREAT listener, a highly skilled and experienced Relationship Specialist, Coach & Mentor, Hypnotherapist and an engaging speaker.

What I know about you

You’ve probably been frustrated over time with trying to change something in your life only to find you're repeating patterns that aren't working for you. For me it was relationships, (I was SO good at choosing toxic ones).

Then there's any number of self-sabotage strategies on top of attracting toxic partners, like not putting yourself up for great opportunities because of fears (perceived or otherwise), and habits that negatively impact your weight, health, career, finances, home life and happiness.

You've likely read a few great self help and relationship books, and Googled 'How to find a (decent) Soulmate', or 'Where are all the normal ones?'.


You might even be at the stage where you're telling your friends you're happy being single, but it's more that you don't think there's actually anyone out there for you, (It's either that or you suspect your radar is broken, you literally just don't want to get hurt again).


So what?

Until you have a good look at what you BELIEVE about yourself and the way the world works, and how that’s impacting your choices, habits and behaviors, you will keep getting the SAME results!


Part of that may mean looking at things you're afraid of and checking how 'real' those fears are. (It's interesting to note that it often suits us to have those fears because we get to use them as an excuse not to move forward).

What now?

Your MINDSET drives everything in your life and is giving you the results you have now.


The next step is to examine your beliefs, re-frame them, set goals, and take new, consistent actions. I call this unpacking the baggage, working through past 'stuff' that is influencing current situations, and letting go of anything that is keeping you in a holding pattern.


This is where I come in.

I give clients the confidence and strategy to find a great soulmate. Remembering that if you're not doing great in one area of your life it'll usually show up in every area of your life, so dealing with what you 'think' is wrong will always get great results elsewhere.. pretty appealing hey!  

I invite you to read my Blog posts to get to know me better.

My articles will give you idea of what I am passionate about and how my work influences huge changes in my clients.

They are all easy 2 minutes reads and it's likely you might  feel like I've written some of them just for you..

How to work with me

If you're interested in working with me please connect by clicking on the Contact button below.

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