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How are you looking at your circumstances?

This week I experienced the most profound example of something that I teach all of my clients around mindset.

Only days apart I spoke with two women who had had a double mastectomy, both a few years post surgery..

The first is, by her own admission, about 10 kilos over a healthy weight, still smokes, and drinks, and indulges in regular junk food binges.

When she was telling me about her unhealthy choices I asked her why she was still doing it despite what had happened to her..

'Because it's the only thing I get to control'..

The second woman had stopped her heavy smoking and drinking habits and shed 15 kilos to get herself into peak state for recovery, and has maintained that for the last 3 years.

When I asked her what made her decide to make such a significant lifestyle change she replied..

'Because it's the only thing I get to control'..

Both women are right, they are simply looking through different lenses. They both believe their source of personal power comes from the choices they make.

What lenses are you looking at your circumstances through?

Do you see now that whatever you believe is what you'll create, and that when you change what you believe about yourself and the world around you, everything, including you, will change..

People who were raised on love will see things differently than people who were raised on survival.

Can you identify any beliefs you have that are giving you an unwanted result?

What would be possible for you if you changed how you looked at your circumstances? What would be a more useful belief?

And what result would that get for you?

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