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What are you doing about your future reputation?

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

There’s a delicate line between not giving a $%&# about what others think, and reputation, and character..

Every day you are creating the future that you will one day look back on as your past..

✔ What you do and say ✔ How you treat people ✔ How you treat yourself ✔ Choices you make around health, love, money, trust and community ✔ Promises you make ✔ Promises you break

All of today is shaping how you, and others, will look back on you in the future.

Looking at what you did today, who you were for yourself and others today, will you, and they, look back when asked, and speak of you with love, respect and goodwill?

When I look back at my past there are things I am not proud of.. behaviors, choices, mistakes. I cannot take them back. I can however be more conscious every day to build a new future I am more happy with when looking back at who I’ve been.

These days I watch my actions and ask myself, ‘What would the best version of me do right now?’.. Sometimes I ask myself the question many times as I go throughout my day.. and I also ask ‘What choice can I make right now that I know I will be glad for in the future?’..

I want today to be someone I will look back on in the future and be happy with who I was for myself and the people I love, and who love me..

The quality of your choices will determine the quality of your future..

As you start to make choices in the 'now' that will have healthier consequences in the future, remember also that you may have a bit of clean up to do from past choices that weren't so good. As uncomfortable things pop up from your past that need to be addressed, make note of how you'll choose differently from now on so that you won't have any unpleasant stuff catching up with you in the future.

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