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1:1 Coaching & Mentoring

A 12 session coaching and mentoring experience for women who know there's more than 'this', and who get that they need more than a great book and a few words of encouragement to change the situation they're in. 

This work is for you if:

​▪ You feel inadequate in your career, social networks, family or intimate relationships.

▪ You compare yourself to others and worry that you’re not enough.

​​▪ You have issues with boundaries because you’re afraid of disapproval, criticism or rejection.

▪ You’ve missed opportunities, or blown them, because you don’t think you deserve the thing.

▪ You’re afraid that if you actually get what you want it’ll be taken away from you, or worse.. that someone will realise you aren’t good enough.

▪ You find it really uncomfortable when someone says you’re great at what you do, recognition feels threatening.

▪ You think that you need to do, or be, ‘more’ before you will be able to have (and deserve) what you really desire.

▪ You tell yourself, ‘WHEN I get more qualified, lose more weight, change 'xyz', THEN I will be worthy/happy/enough’.

'If 70% of the population experience symptoms of Impostorism at some stage in their lives you can bet your next paycheck most of the people around you each day don't think they are good enough either' - JD

You know you're ready because:

​▪ You fantasize about what you'd REALLY like to do and say.. oh the thrill of not giving a crap about the opinions of others! (Even with things like planning Christmas holidays,  feeling comfortable telling your parent's, or the in-law's that you won't be doing the 'usual' at theirs this year).

▪ You either want to up-level in your career or business, (or completely change it), because the idea of really getting your teeth into something that inspires you is WAY more appealing than lowering the bar (again).

▪ You get the self love concept but you know you need facilitated support to actually get past the bullshit stories you've told yourself for years about how it isn't for you.

​​▪ You're ready to change the things that you've been resenting. Part of you knows that you've chosen this, and although that feels icky it's also your motivation to take responsibility now.

▪ Thinking about what it's cost you so far makes you feel a bit sick, you know you've wasted a lot of time being distracted with thoughts and fears that you're not willing to share with your friends because you're ashamed of how it sounds.

▪ You've heard me say, 'What you don't heal in yourself you hand to your children', and it hit you that this is your opportunity to change how your kids view themselves and the world around them. 

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