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The Expansion Project

A 6 month online group coaching and mentoring program for women who know there's more than 'this', and who get that they need more than a great book and a few words of encouragement to change the situation they're in.

** Starting March 2021 **

This program is for you if:

​▪ You feel inadequate in your career, social networks, family or intimate relationships.

▪ You compare yourself to others and worry that you’re not enough.

​​▪ You have issues with boundaries because you’re afraid of disapproval, criticism or rejection.

▪ You’ve missed opportunities, or blown them, because you don’t think you deserve the thing.

▪ You’re afraid that if you actually get what you want it’ll be taken away from you, that someone will realise you aren’t good enough.

▪ You find it really uncomfortable when someone says you’re great at what you do, recognition feels threatening.

▪ You think that you need to do, or be, ‘more’ before you will be able to have (and deserve) what you really desire.

▪ You tell yourself, ‘WHEN I get more qualified, lose more weight, change 'xyz', THEN I will be worthy/happy/enough’.

If 70% of the population experience symptoms of Impostorism at some stage in their lives you can bet your next paycheck most of the people around you each day don't think they are good enough either - JD

This program is for you because:

​▪ You fantasize about what you'd REALLY like to do and say.. oh the thrill of not giving a crap about the opinions of others! (Even with things like planning Christmas holidays,  feeling comfortable telling your parent's, or the in-law's that you won't be doing the 'usual' at theirs this year).

▪ You either want to up-level in your career or business, (or completely change it), because the idea of really getting your teeth into something that inspires you is WAY more appealing than lowering the bar (again).

▪ You get the self love concept but you know you need facilitated support to actually get past the bullshit stories you've told yourself for years about how it isn't for you.

​​▪ You're ready to change the things that you've been resenting. Part of you knows that you've chosen this, and although that feels icky it's also your motivation to take responsibility now.

▪ Thinking about what it's cost you so far makes you feel a bit sick, you know you've wasted a lot of time being distracted with thoughts and fears that you're not willing to share with your friends because you're ashamed of how it sounds.

▪ You've heard me say, 'What you don't heal in yourself you hand to your children', and it hit you that this is your opportunity to change how your kids view themselves and the world around them. 



'Change is not about ‘doing’ alone, it is about doing with, and in this environment, you are learning and growing with each other. Also it’s not only the shared experiences, there’s also private ‘aha’ moments, as well as the tools, strategies and habits that you collect along the way' – Bridget


Specialist Speakers

Monthly guest speakers, incl. Tapping, Emotional Eating, Pelvic Health, Somatics, Sexuality, Fitness & Mindset

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Mindset Modules

Fortnightly live sessions for self-awareness, healing & growth


Tips & Tools

Worksheets, links, reading (and watch) lists to support your journey

Q & A

Fortnightly live (online) group coaching sessions and support


Momentum Sessions

Monthly accountability, connection & brainstorming

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Pajama Parties

Just checking to see if you've read this far (Fun will be had in buckets I assure you!)

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What's the Investment?

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Payment Plan

  • 60 Minute initial Strategy Call to maximise your experience during the program

  • Access to The Expansion Project online community (FB Group)

  • ​6 months of support

  • Mindset & well-being tools and strategies

  • Downloadable worksheets

  • Fortnightly live group coaching calls

  • Guest Experts

  • Monthly Momentum & Accountability sessions


(6 payments)


Pay in Full

  • 60 Minute initial Strategy Call to maximise your experience during the program 

  • Access to The Expansion Project online community (FB Group)

  • ​6 months of support

  • Mindset & well-being tools and strategies

  • Downloadable worksheets

  • Fortnightly live group coaching calls

  • Guest Experts

  • Monthly Momentum & Accountability sessions



VIP Option

  • 60 Minute initial Strategy Call to maximise your experience during the program

  • PLUS 1 x 60 Minute Strategy call per month

  • AND 6 months VIP support (daily Voxer access to me)

  • All other inclusions in the standard package

NOTE: By Application only - 3 places available


Frequently Asked Questions

What experience does Justine have?

Over 25 years in Relationship Management, Public Relations, Sales, Customer Operations, Public Speaking, Training, Coaching & Mentoring, Facilitation, Team Building, Parenting, Step-parenting, Farming (I kid you not, I can shear a sheep left handed!).


I've done NLP, Timeline and Hypnotherapy training and hundreds of hours of 1:1 coaching.


I have done two National tours teaching my own workshop on Personality Types and Love Languages.


I have been one of 20 International guest specialist speakers in a Summit about Workplace Well-being and Employee Engagement run by the University of Michigan


I have worked with National and International Media, Models, Actors and Moguls.. (are you bored yet? I can't believe you've read this far down the page!).


Oh and I have recently been voted by coming in at number 7 of the top ten female coaches in Australia.

Who is this program for? 


Women who are self aware, ready to do something different, and feel they will benefit from facilitated support, connection and community. I'm looking for ladies who are willing to be vulnerable, open and honest about what's going on for them. Group work is powerful when women share feelings, progress and results, it's an integral part of how we achieve things we haven't been able to do on our own. The people I do work with have massive transformations, and that is only due to their willingness to be fully transparent, to go to the uncomfortable places because that’s where enormous healing happens, to be vulnerable, trusting and courageous, and consistent. 

Who wouldn't be suitable for the program?

I don’t take on clients who think it’s my job to ‘fix’ them, or who expect me to let them off the hook. You do not pay me to enable you, you pay me to empower you and there will never be empowerment where you make someone else responsible for your results. If someone cannot see what their problem has cost them so far, and they’re still weighing up whether it’s worth investing in themselves and doing the work, they are not ready and won't get results or enjoy the process. If this is not a 'Hell yes!' for you, please don't waste your time and money. 

How big will the group be?

The Expansion Project is designed for up to 16 women. This allows for close connections to be formed and for participants feel included and connected with their colleagues, and with me.

What is your refund policy?

I do not offer a refund under any circumstances. Once payment has been made, either in full or by deposit, you are committed to paying in full and backing yourself throughout the program. Should you wish to quit the program you are still fully liable for any balance owing. I would like to add that people will sometimes get a little scared once they start to get going, (hello self sabotage), and if you want to quit I'd ask you to think about where else you've done that in your life and how has that worked for you. It's normal to get the wobbles however if you commit, you follow through. If you suspect you might quit on yourself, do not register for the program. 

How much access to Justine do we get?

If you are part of the standard offer you have access to me within the group, your initial Strategy Session, in live Q & A sessions, and during any live training I am running. All communication is within the group container only, all questions are to be asked within the Facebook group so that everyone can benefit from my answers.

If you take the VIP option, aside from what's in the Standard offer, you also have monthly access to me via our Strategy Sessions, plus you have access to me via Voxer daily for tips, questions, support, celebration, freak-out's and fun. (Voxer is a talking app, similar to Messenger)

What else do I get?

You get downloadable worksheets

You get weekly accountability

You get fortnightly live coaching

You get amazing monthly guest speakers

You get to surround yourself with wonderful women from different walks of life who you can learn from, support and be supported by

PLUS you get a coach who has 25 years of experience, I'm hilarious, loving, very much a straight shooter, and I know a lot of cool stuff!


$550/per month


$3,000 AUD


$5,000 AUD

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