90 day 1:1 Coaching

'My health and relationships completely changed, literally inside of three months.

It's funny how we'll try to control what we're healing because there's places we don't want to go with our memories. Justine made me feel safe to unpack it all, she nailed my self sabotage and her perspective on what I'd created for myself made perfect sense.


I feel an enormous weight has been lifted, I have been surprisingly empowered by this experience, and it's instilled deep trust in me as a women, a mother and a wife'.


~ Orlantha, Midwife, Brisbane AUS ~



'Justine is like having an electric shock and a warm hug at the same time, and enjoying it!

The single most important and worthwhile investment of my life. I'd been avoiding dealing with my past for too long; it had already cost me two disastrous marriages and was bearing down on my health and my relationship with the children.

~ Amanda, Solicitor, Melbourne AUS ~