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What I know about you..

To anyone looking in you’ve got it all together; career or business going well, busy social schedule around the children and your friends, and you appear outwardly confident, happy and successful.

What they don’t know is that there are things you think about that keep you awake at night, or distract you several times during the day. Thoughts that even your closest friends probably wouldn’t guess, and some unsettling feelings you don’t understand the origin of, (or if you do, it’s too painful so you block it out.. again).

If you told anyone that you feel insecure, that you worry about not being good enough, you fear success, and failure, or that you’re preoccupied with what others think of you; they’d be shocked because you’ve been so good at hiding your fears and running on auto that you’ve even had yourself fooled until now.

Best to stop here if this doesn’t sound like you.


* But if you’re feeling a little edgy and you suspect I’m on to something, keep reading *

In an effort to figure out what’s going on you’ve hired coaches in the past, read some great books and set and achieved a few goals; however, you're now realizing that you may have only scratched the surface because it still feels like you're driving with the handbrake on.

The thoughts are still there, and the feelings of anxiety, sometimes panic, and negative emotions that are tricky to control. And you’re frustrated, because you ‘should’ be able to sort it out, you’re intelligent and logical, so why is this so hard?

You’re ready to work through it using someone who's got the experience and temperament to help you get the transformation you're after without feeling like you've still got to keep your guard up.

How do I know all of this?

Aside from this being me 20 years ago, I see it in every woman I work with. What I’ve just described is so common it’s mind blowing. However, that’s actually fantastic news, because it means that I know exactly how to support you and facilitate the change you want. I know how to help you do what you’ve not been able to do for yourself.

What about trust?

We've been conditioned to believe that sharing our secrets and fears puts us at risk of being judged, ridiculed or excluded. And most women I hear from are still stinging from past experiences of trusting the wrong person, (contextually I'm talking about being disappointed when sharing with a girlfriend, colleague or coach).

​The cost of staying silent about our 'thing', or talking to someone who is not equipped to facilitate your empowerment, is that we are in a self-imposed holding pattern, compounding our problems rather than transforming them.

There are things we worry about in our work and private life, things we don't share with our closest friends, things that we thought we'd dealt with yet they're still popping up from time to time, (or we might think them insignificant yet they're actually undermining us quietly in the background).

​Have you considered the consequences of NOT dealing with this?

Whatever the 'thing' is, however it's showing up for you, what's that cost you so far? 

What's it preventing you from doing, achieving, feeling? 

How is it impacting your relationships, work performance, finances and peace of mind?

​Are you actually clear on what 'it' is? Is that the part that makes you feel frustrated? 'Because I should know'.

​How would dealing with it change your life?

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