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It's completely normal to experience buyers remorse when you find the right coach..

When you reach out for support it needs to feel good during the call, and it needs to feel uncomfortable, however it's a different kind of uncomfortable.

The worst thing is that if you're 'sold' into a coaching arrangement, (yes it still happens, trainers are teaching new coaches to get the client no matter what..yuk!), you're starting with fractured trust, doubt, and shame, not a healthy mix for any kind of positive results.

You should definitely be asked questions that will make you squirm, but that's to establish where you're at and how your coach can best support you, if you're as ready as you say you are, and to see if you're a good fit to work together, NOT to put you in a state of shame and fear.

Yes you SHOULD feel a little uncomfortable, but it's an 'excited' uncomfortable, and you'll feel the difference, as in 'holy shit I feel like this is actually going to work and I'm kinda peeing my pants a bit because she's all over this and I know she's not going to let me let myself down', (direct quote from one of my fave clients).

Working with a great coach will incur a significant investment, and that financial commitment is as much about their ability to hold you to account whilst they lead you through the process as it is about you backing yourself and taking 100% responsibility for your results. My clients don't pay me to enable them, or to do any of the work for them. They get results through their own actions, I simply facilitate and oversee the transformation.

So if you're not feeling a 'Hell Yes!' by the end of your Connection call, you're either not ready to do the work, or you're simply not a good fit for the person you're looking at hiring, and in these situations you'll be wasting your investment.

Remember it's perfectly OK to say 'no thank you', just make sure you check that your reluctance is about the relationship itself and not self sabotage rearing its' head..

When you have that 'hell yes!' moment, and you book and pay for your coaching package or group program, then have a little freak out, just know that the freak out is your inner child saying, 'crap, my game is up, she means business', and that you're about to make yourself so bloody proud.

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