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Isn’t it ironic that we won’t let great partners within the walls we've built up..

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Yet we’ll repeatedly roll out the welcome mat for relationships that are bad for us..

But it makes perfect sense if we’ve experienced or witnessed some kind of trauma as a child.

Kids attach meaning to anything that happens around them, or to them, and the most common ones are that we are not good enough, we don’t matter, we don’t deserve what others have, there’s something wrong with us, and that opening up isn’t safe.

We reject what we believe we aren’t worthy of, and let the wrong people in.


It’s no wonder we are jaded and negative about love and relationships, we keep choosing the wrong ones because we’re literally programmed subconsciously to do so.

Once this pattern is resolved, once we get facilitated help to change what we believe, here’s what life can look like..

We see ourselves as worthy, lovable and absolutely good enough.

Good enough and deserving of a great relationship, so that’s what we attract, and letting ‘them’ in feels easy, natural and surprisingly comfortable.

And if we choose to be single, (a lot of people do and are happily so), we’re choosing it for the right reasons, as opposed to keeping others out, and the person on the inside is so deservedly loved, by us.

Someone is out there praying for exactly what you have to offer, you just need to believe you deserve a health relationship. Doing the work is so worth it..

How much emotional energy have you spent wasting time with people who will never provide you with a safe loving relationship?

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