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Whatever makes you happy..

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

And there it is in all its' simplicity.. because it makes you happy.

The amount of people who tell me they aren't doing what they love because:

* No one would understand

* People would think it's stupid

* My parents/partner/friends say it's a waste of money

* My kids think it's immature

*insert your reason or excuse here*

Let me ask you this, when you see someone pursuing a 'weird' hobby, career or interest what do you think or say? Probably not a lot. Possibly 'oh that's different', or 'how on earth can THAT be fun?'..

Guess what?

IT DOESN'T MATTER! You don't have to like or understand it. If it makes THEM happy that's ALL that matters..

This is another case of people being so concerned about what others think that they literally spend their lives not doing what they love, not being who they are, and not living life fully self expressed.

You wouldn't believe the random things some of my clients find relaxing, stimulating, thrilling, and joyful. I LOVE asking them what they are passionate about because aside from it being fascinating to see their eyes light up when they talk about it, I get new ideas all the time!

What will happen if you just start doing the thing that makes YOU happy?

And what will happen to you if you never do..

Trying to find happiness by staying within boundaries and expectations of others is like trying to satisfy your hunger by stickytaping sandwiches all over your body..

#justinedeanofficial #RelationTIP

Sometimes we've spend so long doing what others want that we forget what used to make us happy. Start by attending a few different classes, Meetups, sporting events or volunteer groups. Say 'yes' to random things. And to take the pressure off, tell yourself you're only trying each thing once, to see if you like it. That way you're much less likely to resist new ideas and you never know what might spark your interest!

And if you DO know what you love, and/or you find it, go do lots of that!

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