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Get uncomfortable, it's good for you..

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

I think people genuinely do believe they want things to be different in their lives, they are sick of the same thing happening over and over, or fed up with being unhealthy, addicted, broke, sad, hating their job/relationship, being angry or *insert your ‘thing’ here*..

It’s almost like we are so comfortable being uncomfortable that we don’t want to do the work, we don’t want to do the challenging stuff, face our fears, or risk disapproval or criticism from others. Like the shit we are allowing in our lives is easier to deal with than actually doing something about it to have/be/do better.. we tell ourselves 'it's not really THAT bad'..

Yet we talk about what we are miserable about, to anyone who’ll listen. We talk about our ‘thing’ like it’s a part of us we have no control over. And we probably, like I did, talk about the same thing year in year out.

Aside from being annoying, the only thing complaining does is show people you’re not willing to take responsibility for what’s going on for you. There is no point in discussing the same thing ad nauseum if you’re not willing to change. You are not a tree, you are not stuck, (no matter how much you try to convince yourself that you are - that's just fear talking).

If it doesn’t challenge you it won’t change you. It’s that simple. I still have SO much work to do on myself. 2 years ago I was terrified of what I believed lay ahead of me to get me where I am today.

I realise now that what I was scared of was actually the stepping stones (actions, discipline, commitment) I needed to get here. So now it’s time to take a breath, and challenge myself again, because as scary as it was, looking back, it was actually kind of fun.

Consider this .. who you've got to BECOME, to get what you say you want, that's where the magic is..

What do you really want? Who do you need to be to make that happen? If you're not sure of either, now might be the time to touch base. Sometimes we find great value in being asked a few questions no one has ever asked us. Things that get us really thinking deeply and honestly about who we are and what might make us feel alive again, or for the first time..

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