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Let your pile of good things grow!

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

What if, instead of thinking about solving your whole life, just think about adding good things. One at a time. Just let your pile of good things grow.

We basically go about our daily routines with little to no resistance, and wonder why we feel disconnected, lonely, distracted and unfulfilled.

Then we stumble across a glimpse of what we were always looking for yet couldn't clarify, and we love the feeling that evokes from inside us.

It literally makes our old limits and fears vanish. Why? Because we’ve found who are actually are, not who we’ve had to become to make sense of our world.

This feeling might be sparked by a Pinterest post, something we see on Social Media, music playing at a cafe, or being introduced to someone new.

So there is an interlude of joy and feeling like you're finally 'home', and it's delicious for a moment..

Then we return to our daily routine, and there's a faint tinge of sadness as we settle back into our week.

We don't have to accept what is, because whatever it is it's not real, it's just the 'real' we've slipped into. The real of necessity, routine and habit.

Maybe there’s been no other option until now, you didn’t know that you could actually change things up, nor where to start even if you did know what you wanted.

We have the power to recreate the joyful feelings, by chasing 'home', inviting that new person for coffee, visiting the place that made us feel alive again, trying the activity that sparked our interest, or listening to the music that brought us to life.

What will you do this week to add to your pile of good things?

What have you always wanted to try? What have you given up over the years that you used to love? Who can you catch up with for a playdate? (Yes grownups have playdates!) Where would you like to go exploring? How about you try a few different classes, one of each, things you'd never have tried before? Take a friend, add to your pile of good things together..

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