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Revenge - just let go..

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

I once read that ‘success is your best revenge’, I thought it was really wise, and I decided to believe it for a long time. However now I wonder how much damage that belief does..

If we are doggedly chasing success (be that weight loss, career, a ‘better’ partner, wealth, etc) in order to have revenge on someone, does that not mean we are still attached to them and what they did, therefore there’s no revenge to be had because we are still giving them or that situation power over us?

For as long as we obsess over/think about/talk about/compare to/feel anger over/complain about/plot about/or use it/them to motivate us.. does that not mean we are chasing something for the wrong reason, so when we get ‘it’ the victory will be somewhat hollow?

And whilst we are using them/the event/the thing to motivate us, or to keep ourselves ‘safe’ from being hurt now and in the future, are we not completely robbing ourselves of meaningful relationships and enjoying our lives in each moment now?

Does is also mean that when we get/achieve ‘it’ and the triumph doesn’t feel like we thought it would (because ‘they’ don’t react the way we expected, they aren’t affected by ‘it’, or they use it to point out that you did it for them and they taunt you about it) and we secretly feel shame, again, and anger, again, and realise we are still tied to what they did?

Success is not your best revenge.

* Letting go of the need for revenge is success*

.. read that again.. now, read it again..

Live YOUR best life, chase ‘happy’, focus on optimum health, well-being, connections and contribution.

Let go, love madly, make sure there's play in your days, and look forward.

Those who tried to break you are expecting you to be in fight mode, conquer them with your peace..

If you're having trouble letting go of the need to have revenge on someone it's highly likely you're stressed, anxious, angry and unwell. How's that working for you? How much time are you wasting thinking, talking and/or complaining about it? I held on for decades and the only person it harmed was me. Let go, it feels so much better..

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