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Sticks and Stones.. the power of words

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

'Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me'..


A lot of people say affirmations are rubbish yet they use them every day themselves..

When you realise how powerful words are, whether spoken out loud, or just a thought, you will be so much more careful with yourself and others.

Your subconscious mind doesn't distinguish whether something is true or not, it simply goes to work to find evidence to prove you right, based on what YOU believe and repeat verbally or as thoughts..

This means that whatever you say, think and believe, no matter how irrational, destructive, or absurd, your subconscious mind will guide your choices, behavior and actions to lead you to find the evidence you believe is true for you.

Have you ever heard someone say (or do you say):

I'm hopeless with money/relationships/food ..etc

I'm not a good reader/person/learner/swimmer etc

All men/women are assholes/cheat/lie to me etc

No one wants to be my friend

I can't trust myself with food/alcohol/relationships etc

I knew this would happen (about failing/quitting/pain)..

I can't stop thinking about x, y, z..

I will never find a partner

I'm afraid of failing/getting hurt/looking stupid/quitting..

How many times have you heard friends, family, your children saying these kinds of phrases? How many times have YOU said or thought these things?

Knowing now that your subconscious mind is super compliant and just goes 'Ok cool', when it hears what you're telling it, and knowing that it then goes to work to prove you right, wouldn't it be worth the biggest effort of your life to eliminate negative self talk, to stop saying and thinking things that are literally forecasting your future?

'Abracadaba'! Did you know that Abracadabra is Hebrew for 'I create that which I speak'?

This is why bullying is so effecting in destroying someone at a cellular level. You have people saying mean things to you enough and you'll start to believe it, which in turn gets your subconscious mind looking for evidence to prove you right..

So, what if the bully is YOU? What if it's you that's saying things that are horrible, destructive and untrue to yourself?

When I catch my clients saying anything like this I use a shock tactic to make them see for themselves how much damage they are doing. I use the children in their lives..

If a child came to you and said (for example) 'no one likes me'.. would you respond, 'well of course they don't, you're ugly, fat, a loser, lazy, and you always quit and you're never going to have any friends!'..??


I want you to pay attention today, listen to what people say in conversations, notice what you are saying and thinking as well. See how many times you catch yourself and others saying things that are literally programming self destruction.

Change what you believe, think and say, and you will change your life..

If you've caught yourself repeating things that you now know are working against you, keeping you small, or making you sad, it might be time to change your thinking so that you are being more supportive of yourself..

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