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What if there's nothing actually wrong with you?

I cannot count the times I've sat with clients who are racked with shame and guilt over who they are and what they think they're not..

We get labelled with identities, sometimes from a very young age, that others put on us because IT SUITS THEIR PURPOSE (out of pure ignorance, or they are just rotten and nasty).

And we believe it, then we (by default) believe the whole world sees us that way too.

This 'being' that we think we are (equally what we think we are not) could also have come from within, where we label ourselves according to the level of emotional maturity we were at when the event/s happened.

Sometimes we get the message that we are:

* Damaged

* Not enough

* Too outgoing

* Not normal

* Wrong (in our appearance, mannerisms, desires etc)

* Not worthy

*insert your message here..

It breaks my heart to see beautiful men and women walking through life so sad, humiliated, unfulfilled, lonely, ashamed and so incredibly afraid of what they believe others think about them.

Please. Consider this..

* What if there's nothing actually wrong with you?

* What if you're perfect just as you are?

* What if you are already free and you just don't see that there's no lock on your cage darling?

What if the thing you are holding on to so desperately (yes often we don't want to NOT believe the horrible things because we don't know who we'd be without it, or we don't know how to let go of it) is the very thing you need to let go of?

Choosing to base your worth on the toxic version of someone's opinion of you will completely erode your ability to experience happiness and peace of mind. The only person's approval you need is yours..

List the things you believe about yourself and the world around you, then write down what or who made you believe each one. Is it really the truth? What patterns or addictions have you adopted because you've believed it until today, and how will you behave differently now that you know it's not who you are?

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