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How'd you get so hard wired?

Regardless of where our limiting beliefs originated from, we are beholden to them until WE stop believing they are true..

‘You’re useless’ ‘You’re just like your father/mother/sister’ ‘You’re too much/not enough’ ‘You’re in the way’ ‘Who cares what you want’ ‘Are you stupid or something!’ ‘You’re too pretty to be smart’ ‘You’re too tall/short/fat/skinny, no one will want to be with you’ ‘Don’t get better marks than your brother, he’s been so sick and we want him to have SOMETHING to feel good about’ ‘Who cares what you think’ ‘What’s wrong with you!’ ‘If you speak up we will both get in trouble’..

Ask yourself, are your thoughts really true? Or were they GIVEN to you, formed when you were too young or vulnerable to work it out, and you’ve kept repeating them all these years, reliving that trauma, wishing it weren’t 'true' yet seeing evidence wherever you look.

You already hardwired it by repeating it so many times, so now, even as an adult, you’re uncertain..

The best news is that it’s all bullshit. Seriously. Whatever it is, it is just a THOUGHT, and thoughts become things, meaning you create what you repeatedly think about whether you like it or not..

Which is really cool.. because you can change your thoughts, meaning you can change the way you’re experiencing the world.

Write down your old limits. Cross them out. Then rewrite the truth..

Your truth.

Then repeat that, until you believe it. Be patient, be persistent, you’re worth it.

You are confined only by the walls you build yourself..

If you are struggling with negative thought patterns now is the time to look into that further so that you can change what you believe about yourself and the world around you, which in turn will change how your world looks..

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