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Who's punishing you?

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

As children (due to circumstance and environment) we make specific decisions that are our driving Mantra for the rest of our lives..

They become our limits, that we unwittingly choose!

* How can I make my father happy?

* How can I prove to everyone I'm a good person?

* How can I stay invisible and small so that no one sees me and criticizes me?

* How can I stay numb so I don't feel this pain yet still function day to day?

* How can I make sure I punish myself properly? (Because I 'know' I'm bad and don't deserve love/happiness/peace of mind)

Imagine the choices someone would make if they believed some of those Mantras, the pain, shame, distress, heartache and disappointment it would cause.. their whole life!

Now, imagine being able to recognize what your limiting beliefs are, and having the power to completely change what you believe, therefore changing your choices.. how would your life be different?

Have you noticed any patterns in your life, with money, relationships, jobs, parenting, health, addictions, etc?

Ask yourself, what must I believe about myself, and the world around me, to behave this way?

Take some time out, grab a pen and paper, and write a list of what you believe, what you've noticed you say to yourself, and what beliefs you think have caused you fear, anger, sadness, pain or guilt over your life. Look at those beliefs. Are they real or something you made up to protect yourself?

How would you act differently if you believed something different?

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